Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals
Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals
Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals
Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals

Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals

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Velazquez Engineering Pro+ Tilton Pedals

The Velazquez Engineering PRO+ class pedals are fully hydraulic sim racing pedals ready for plug-and-play operation. The PRO+ pedals feature the Tilton 600 series floor mounted pedal assembly which is one of the most popular pedal assemblies used in real race cars! All of the hydraulics are handled by high quality Wilwood master and Speedway slave cylinders. The pedals connect directly to the PC via a USB connection or directly to the Simucube 2 wheelbase via the Accessory port. Pedals using the USB control box are calibrated via the Windows USB Gaming Controller calibration wizard or via DiView. No special software required! Pedals using the Simucube 2 control box are calibrated directly through the True Drive software.


Compatibility:  These pedals are only compatible for PC use!


Throttle Pedal Information:

The throttle pedal uses an industrial-grade hall effect sensor to measure the throttle pedal position. The hall effect sensor is rated for 10M+ cycles ensuring a long life. The throttle pedal throw is easily adjustable via two set screws designed into the Tilton 600 series pedal assembly.


Brake Pedal Information:

The brake pedal is fully hydraulic and uses industrial-grade pressure transducers rated for 1600 psi (110.32 bar) to measure the foot force applied on the brake pedal. The pedals include our specially made urethane bushings. Each pedal set will come with three different urethane bushing options ranging from hard (97a Shore rating black), medium (80a Shore rating orange) and soft (70a Shore rating purple) to give the user a wide range of pedal feel tuning flexibility. The pedal feel can also be fine-tuned by adjusting the brake balance bar. Adjusting the balance bar can shift the pedal feel from hard to soft in order to achieve the desired brake pedal feel. Large pedal feel adjustments can be made via the urethane bushing stack and finer adjustments can be made via the brake balance bar. The brake pedal features 2 high quality Wilwood master cylinders and 2 high quality Speedway pull-type slave cylinder, anodized in a beautiful purple color, for optimal performance and long lifetime. Each slave cylinder uses a 1600 psi pressure sensor to fully measure the brake pedal force. The control box combines the dual sensor signals into one signal which is used by the PC. The pedal angle can be adjusted by threading the master cylinder pushrods into the balance bar clevises.


Clutch Pedal Information:

The clutch pedal is fully hydraulic and uses a 1600 psi (110.32 bar) pressure transducer to measure the pedal force. The clutch pedal uses a stack of Belleville washers to simulate the feel of a clutch pressure plate. The force and displacement of the clutch pedal is fully adjustable by adjusting the configuration of the Belleville washer stack. Just the like brake pedal, the clutch pedal features high quality Wilwood master and Speedway slave cylinders!


Electronics Information:

The pedals connect to the PC via a custom made control box powered by our custom designed controller board. The USB control box is powered by a 16-bit resolution controller board featuring a USB-C connection. The SC2 control box connects directly to the SC2 wheelbase and offers 16-bit resolution for all three pedals. The control box features aviator connectors to ensure a secure connection and each custom cable connects to the pedal sensors via a molex connector for convenience. 

New to the PRO+ pedals is the introduction of the Brake Boost module! The Brake Boost module allows the user to adjust the brake pedal sensitivity on-the-fly via a remote mount rotary knob without the need to open any special software. The Brake Boost module allows you to fine tune the brake pedal sensitivity while driving in order to get it exactly where you need it.

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