UH1-75 Simucube 2/VRS/Mige Hub/extension/70 PCD adapter

UH1-75 Simucube 2/VRS/Mige Hub/extension/70 PCD adapter

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UH1-75 is a direct replacement to the stock hub that comes with all three models of the Simucube 2 family of direct drive base systems and also for VRS/Mige servos with the addition of the optional drivelock accessory.

It adds 75mm extra length to the stock hub and with smaller diameter is the perfect add-on in order to extend the motor shaft and give enough room and clearance for you centre monitor in order to be as low as possible and to bring it closer to the servo axle.

Total length 125mm from the front face of the servo.

At the same time it is compatible both with the stock Simucube 2 quick release and also with any 70 PCD quick release on the market,

Both the stock SC2 QR and the 70 PCD holes are threaded M5 so no need for ugly nuts.

The UH1-75 is also compatible with our ProXT modular extensions for those that need more than 75mm extra length.

See this great video from Greg at GTGreg on how to install the UH1-75.