SimCore LEV-1 universal multi-adjustable dash mount

SimCore LEV-1 universal multi-adjustable dash mount

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SimCore LEV-1 universal multi-adjustable dash mount

2x 50mm, 2x 20mm, 2 pivots Included

It can be adjusted regarding its length height and dash angle exactly to your needs, it can work with all the major dash units in the market, it also offers fast tool free removal of the dash from the mount in case you want to drive without your dash.

It is compatible with both our DS1 and DS5 dashes, Precision sim engineering DDU, Grid engineering DDU5 and many others.

All parts are made out of CNC machined 6061 anodized black aluminum besides the front universal bracket that is made out of CNC machined 3mm carbon fiber.

Wheel base side offers a wide mounting options to cover almost every major base in the market including, all Simucube 2 servos, All Fanatec, Simsteering, small/large Mige, AKM and of course a dedicated mount to fit our UM1 series mounts.

The base kit offers a servo mount of your choice and the universal carbon bracket, this assembly has a total length of 11mm from the front of your servo mount to the back of your dash, this way you can add all the accessories you need to bring your dash exactly where you want it.

You can add extension pieces and pivot points between the servo bracket and the dashboard carbon fiber bracket to extend the total length and also to add angle points, these extensions are available in 10mm, 20mm, 50mm, they screw to each other and there is practically no limit as to how many of each you can use at the same time.