Apex Racing Race Deck Button Box
Apex Racing Race Deck Button Box

Apex Racing Race Deck Button Box

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Apex Sim Racing - Race Deck, Button Box

The enclosure is compatible with both versions of stream deck mk1 and mk2. One side of the enclosure holds mk1 the other side holds mk2 so if your unit does not fit just flip the enclosure and use the other side (stream deck will sit flush so carbon plate is flush with enclosure)

Stream Deck Connects inside box to the USB A connector it is then passed through to a USB connector which will plug to your pc

Compatibility: PC - 2 USB connections (Button Box / Stream Deck)

Are you looking for the ultimate sim racing button box?  Well look no further, Race deck has got you covered. Stream decks ease of use and endless pages of possibilities really makes this the best button box in all of sim racing. Use it to launch apps, adjust volume, setup different profiles for each car and the list goes on! 

⦁ Genuine Carbon Fiber front and rear plate. Stunning twill matte finish 2mm thick. NO Faux carbon fiber vinyl wrap here!

⦁ 3d printed enclosure. Hand-finished with a textured look.

⦁ 12mm momentary push buttons. Map to any input in-game, Wipers, Headlights, Pit Limiter Ignition, etc.

⦁ CTS Rotary encoders. Map to any input in game typically used for Brake Bias, ABS, Black Boxes

⦁  7-way multi-switch (replaces center 12mm push button) 

⦁ Enclosed Elegato Stream Deck. Stream deck fits perfectly inside a great way to mount on your sim racing rig (not included)

⦁ includes 2 6ft usb cables (1 for button box 1 for stream deck extension)

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