SimCore UD1-J Racing Dash
SimCore UD1-J Racing Dash

SimCore UD1-J Racing Dash

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UD1-J is a top of the line Sim racing dashboard housed in its own billet 6061 CNC machined case, anodized in black or custom coated in multiple optional colors, and along with the following features, the UD1-J is sure to satisfy the most demanding of sim racing needs.

  • Utilising the powerfull and ultra bright Ultimate game tech Race LCD v2.1 display
  • 21 configurable LED’s
  • Selectable screens using a keyboard, button box, or Stream Deck if your rig is so equipped
  • Multiple preset options for all popular sim games
  • Virtually unlimited customizable screens layouts, use only what you need
  • UGT Manager software included (no license purchase required and free updates). Unit works only with the UGT manager, no other software is required. 
  • Most advanced sim racing display currently on the market
  • Futureproof with multiple expansion capabilities including 30 buttons, 6 encoders, 8 analog inputs,
    6 rotary switches, dual funky support
  • Eight expansion ports allow breakout cables to shifters, handbrakes, pedals, and button boxes with dual funky switch support to name a few
  • Carbon fiber mounts for all popular steering systems with options for profile, wheel, or desktop mounting.
  • Supports all popular sim racing games with others being constantly added
  • Curent lead time before its ready to ship is 2 weeks.
  • You can watch a review of the unit from Barry at Sim Racing Garage.

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