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As well as being inspired by racing industry standards, Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals have been thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers alike. The pedals are engineered and designed with that feedback in mind. The T.H.O.R.P.™ hydraulic brake cylinder is designed and rigorously tested with 100 bars of pressure in the hydraulic system and up to 200 kilogram of mechanical pedal pressure.


If you have been looking for the ultimate race car brake pedal feel, look no further! The brake pedal on the Invicta pedals is hard. Rock hard and it will stay that way – unlike many other sim racing pedals on the market, where the hardness and feel will degrade over time. It is not a coincidence a race driver wants a brake pedal as hard as pushing a concrete wall…

When applying brake pressure late you want to be able to use muscle memory to replicate that trail brake feeling going into the corner. By using muscle memory your brain is wired to be able to brake at the same spot over and over on the track. Conversely if you use a soft pedal, you will have to rely on foot or pedal position, disallowing your brain the ability to replicate with the same accuracy and you will – guaranteed – lose important lap time. Did you ever consider on a racetrack with 10 corners, gaining or losing 1/10 of a second on the brake, means a second on your lap time?


  • - Danish Design

    - Adjustable Pedal stops

    - 200kg of mechanical pedal pressure

    - Adjustable Travel Settings

    - Black Anodized Aluminum Pedal Base, Pedal Arms and Plates.

    - Adjustable Pedal Plates

    - One USB connection to the PC from the pedal base, regardless of how many pedal utilizations

    - Pedal Calibration

    - Easy to add Clutch Pedal

    - Made in Denmark

    - Design and tested to 1,000,000 activations